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baby walker bamsi

Number in carton (skeleton/with cloth): 1 pcs

Brief review

The bamsi baby walker is an attractive, resistant, and abundant product that utilizes the finest materials available.The product has a height-adjustable metallic pillar. Other features of this rider include brakes that can help your child's safety.The dashboard of this product, with its stunning colors and abundant colors, helps make the child feel more tangible, audible and vibrant. The product has a head cats and (kitty) bear that can be replaced. Other features include dashboard holders, which, in addition to the beauty of the product, make the dashboard in place even more durable.The cloth can be washed (cold water), which also passes through the air well and helps the child's comfort. This rattler is compatible with most of the fabrics in the market.The bamsi baby walker is the flagship of the arrabeh , and in the end we have to say that you get the beauty, strength, and unique features in return for the purchase.

age category : 6-18 month

Dimensions: 59 * 43 * 36

--- : Weight

Weight tolerable: 12 kg

Number of wheels: 8 pcs

 : Height adjustment

  : Musical dashboard

Handbook for the baby walker bamsi

Manuals, installation and maintenance of baby walker