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stroller 219

 Number in carton (skeleton): 2 pcs

 Number in carton (with cloth):1 pcs

Brief review

Lightweight, easy guiding, easy , quality and beauty, all of which are factors that make a good choice. The feel of the baby's comfort in the place where it is placed and the convenience of the parent in driving the stroller are the most important factors. The stroller brand "arrabeh" weighing less than 8 kilograms is extremely light and tolerates up to 30 kilograms of weight.The wheelchair is made of plastic and has a 360 degree rotation. The stroller and seat of this stroller can be adjusted and you can easily sleep on the baby's bed when you sleep. Another feature of this stroller is the wheel lock, which prevents the wheelchair from moving

age category : 0-48 month

Dimensions: 67 * 36 * 116

Weight : 8.3 kg

Weight tolerable: 30 kg

Number of wheels: 8 pcs

  : Brakes

  : Baby front table

  : Mother's back table

  : Basket supplies

  : Stroller capability

Handbook for the stroller 219

Manuals, installation and maintenance of stroller