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stroller 151

 Number in carton (skeleton): 2 pcs

 Number in carton (with cloth):1 pcs

Brief review

The stroller of the 151 is the only wheelchair for the eight-wheel drive market, with all wheelbarrows having both safety brakes and locks for fixed or rotating wheels.The product features a baby gyro tray, a baby's front tray and a baby carrying case, and it has a customizable canopy with mother-sight and winter cover. The stroller 151 is the only stroller in which the legs are rearranged in front of the one-piece profile, and the adjustable steering wheel is adjustable on both sides. The child's seat is also adjustable, with 3 sleepers, half sleeping and sitting. It is not necessary to explain that these cases promise long life and high strength of the product. In this product, the brakes for all wheels as well as the seat belt are also integrated into the baby's safety.Another point that makes this product more valuable is the unique color variation of the stroller, as well as the product with most of the fabrics available on the market, which helps you to select fabrics in more diverse designs.In the end, we have to say that this product is one of the best and most special products on the market that we are offering to buy it

age category : 0-48 month

Dimensions: 67 * 36 * 116

--- : Weight

Weight tolerable: 30 kg

Number of wheels: 8 pcs

  : Brakes

  : Baby front table

  : Mother's back table

  : Basket supplies

  : Stroller capability

Handbook for the stroller 151

Manuals, installation and maintenance of stroller